<sport>NCAA BB</sport>
<vteamname><![CDATA[North Carolina State]]></vteamname>
<gametime>7:00 PM ET</gametime>

Lower Third Scores...Delivered!

"sport": "TOP25 BB",
"vteamname": "North Carolina State",
"vteamrank": [],
"vteamrecord": [],
"vteamscore": "69",
"hteamname": "Duke",
"hteamrank": "12",
"hteamrecord": [],
"hteamscore": "88",
"status": "Final",
"gametime": "7:00 PM ET"


Lower Third Scores

Custom Lower Third game scores delivered to your station 24 hours a day. Choose from NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAAM (Men's basketball), NCAAW (Women's basketball), NCAAF (Men's football). Filter college games by Conference or team(s). Today's scores and game schedules provided in a custom format as required by your character generator (TXT, JSON, XML).


Managed Games

Webteams gathers and manages game scores from various sources and hands them off to your station in your format. Sign into your account to choose your games. Webteams provides a small windows-based program to connect via the Internet to our servers and post the results file on your local machine. If the program fails to check-in after a delay, an email and/or text can be sent to someone at your station to check out the problem. No more people hours needed to build your game results.


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